Letting Go, do we really let go of the things that has gone on or the things that bother us on the regular? That the question I always as myself  ” can i just let it go?”. The answer is no i can’t let it go. It’s just not in me to let shit go, because when shit happens it bothers me and if i don’t have full control of the situation i just cant let it go. Growing up the little things bothered me and i never spoke up about how i really felt about things, which is the cause of me not letting go.  You would think years of therapy would help me get to that point where things just roll over my head.  But it did not, therapy only helped me understand how fucked up i was and how can i unfuck myself!  I truly believe that letting go of things is a way of just forgetting the shit that happen and just forgetting . But  does letting go really help or really get rid of the issue?


2 thoughts on “Letting Go!

  1. Letting go is a really big one for me, too. I can let things occupy my mind -and steal my joy- over and over again.

    I started meditating and reading some inspiring Buddhist books over the years that really helped me find ways to let go. One thing I learned about myself is that I cannot let go of something – EVER – until I’ve learned from it. There is always a lesson, an awakening…maybe it’s compassion or true forgiveness, maybe it’s seeing my own involvement in new light. Whatever it is, once I’ve pinpointed the lesson, I can let it go. And it’s become a little game I play with myself when something is really bugging me.

    First, it’s a fun distraction. And second, it always helps me move through something.

    I don’t think forgetting is necessarily that easy – for me, anyway – or effective. It’s still there somewhere if you don’t work thru it.

    BTW, we’re all fucked up. And working thru it can be amazing. I think writing, like you do, is a great way to grow and learn more about oneself. And sometimes even, to find ways to let go. 😘


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