Why do we fall for the bullshit? Like why? We are blessed to wake up in the morning when some people don’t. We are able to look out the window and see the sun shining. You think your day is going great and then you realize that someone woke up with the Devil on their back. It’s like night and day. One minute they are good and then then the next they are the devil. But instead of them owning up to the bullshit you become the stomping ground of the bullshit. No matter what you do it’s not enough or its wrong. All because they got issues within themselves. You have done everything you suppose to do yet you get the sharp end . You now become the victim!  They thought they were the victim but no you are! You allowed them to victimize you with their bullshit. You allowed them to take advantage of you and let you take the sharp end. Everything to benefit them not you. They woke up fine even though you thought you woke up great but in reality you woke up with sadness, depression, loneliness, feeling less of a woman. because you allowed it to happen. Now who’s the victim now?


4 thoughts on “Who’s the Victim?

  1. Great post Shannon. It’s so sad that defeated people try to bring others down with them. One thing I’ve learned on my journey through life is that boundaries always need to be set. It’s okay let someone know that as much as you love them, they are not allowed to treat you poorly. Xoxo.

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  2. Brings tears to my eyes to read this b/c unfortunately I know this feeling intimately. I’ve learned that sometimes the people closest to you can hurt you in the worst ways…Trying to heal & grow from it but it’s still painful nonetheless. Thanks for sharing Sis. 😘

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