Good evening everyone! 2022 is now of the past and 2023 is apon us! As I reflect on the past year I remember the first of last year I was broken. I was broken mentally, emotionally and physcally. I was in a deep depressed state. I was down in the dumps and coudn’t see my way out. My anxiety was on 100% and bad. I lost so much weight I didn’t know who I was . Even though the weight loss was needed , it wasn’t needed in that manner. I thought the world was over for me at one point in time. My kids kept me grounded and able to keep going. But I was able to mourn and push forward the darkness that was taking over my life. I started to feel worthy again, needed again and that feels so good. I started to work on ME. The best thing I ever did was go back to therapy to help me understand that what happened during that time wasn’t about me, but also my faults as well.

To love me is to know who I truly am, so let me tell you who I am. I am a women who is loving , thoughtful, caring, full of life. will give you my last if you needed it. I give to help never for a return, my heart is always in my hands to give. I listen when people speak, when I care for you your always in thought. I’m consistent with who I am. I will always be me no matter what. I don’t play with my time nor with my words. What I say I mean no need to boost an ego, honesty is key. Im silly and fun to be around, but im not perfect either.I like to look nice because it makes me feel good , and you know what they say “if you look good you feel good”, lol. over all I have so much to offer and it took years and therapy to realize the greatness I have.

Going into the new year brings me so much joy and will to continue to be great! God has big plans for me and im so ready to receive them. Here are some things I want leave you to think about and reflect on.

  1. Stop Over Thinking
  2. It only takes a second
  3. If you can go a full day without hearing from someone you care about , leave them there.
  4. Everything isn’t about you, (people got shit too)
  5. If your energy isn’t matched , Leave,
  6. Breaking a person down is wack and child like
  7. learn to deal with your short comingings, that is yours to fix not somone elses
  8. Don’t let your new relationship suffer because of your past, they are not them, but don’t settle either.
  9. Stop being scared to love again, Love is beautiful
  10. Dont be afraid to tell them how you feel, you. will be surprised how they might feel the same way too
  11. Let the past stay in the past , you cant change it so why dwell on it, its a waste of time and energy!

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