The Holiday seasons for some are amazing and for others is torture. During this time of year it’s suppose to be a happy time a family time and for so who believe the Birth of Jesus Christ ! But yet here we are in this crazy world we live in, we see the happiness but we see the darkness. Now a days we see more darkness. It’s a hard pill to swallow knowing that you have family and friends who are suffering in silence and some of us don’t even know it and some of us do.

But my question to all of us is, “ Are we ready for that truth?” Are we ready to face reality that everyone who is smiling isn’t happy but dying on the inside . You see them they look happy doing what they love to do and just thriving right but inside they are fighting a battle that none of us will ever understand unless your fighting too .

There are so many forms of depression , some people will question a person who suffers from depression because they look happy . A lot of people don’t fully understand depression at a whole. It’s more to you than you think. Not everyone who suffers with it are looking low in the dumps of lack of life . A lot of people who suffer are most times the funny outdoing ones. Give you their last to help out. Find ways to help out others. Go above and beyond . Yet on the inside they are slowly fighting . The other part are some who stay in their rooms, don’t want to go anywhere, body hurts, physically week, sad and cry all day, beat themselves down , feel alone . Hold true feelings and self in . It’s a clear picture of their depression.

For someone who suffers from that my advice to all is to be kind, check in on your friends and family . See how they are doing. Just because they look good and happy doesn’t mean that they are .

If anyone needs help please please contact the suicide prevention hotline 800-273-TALK

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