The time has finally come and I’m 40 years old and I feel amazing ! I can honestly say that I didn’t think I would ever be this happy again. My life has definitely changed over that last 2.5 years and it was and still hard at times but I’m wiser and better than before. I miss my grandparents and my mom, wishing they were here to see me at this time in my life but I know they are proud of me. I lost some people along the way but it’s fine.

I’ve lost family that I no longer socialize with due to a choice I made years ago . I will always love them but that is as far as that goes because I chose peace and my sanity. I have recently lost some family on the in-law said but that’s cool too because if you can believe what someone said because they want to be petty and need people on their team so be it. That just shows that you were never true and also confirms how I always felt from the beginning that you never really care for me and I’m so ok with that.

I’ve strengthened my friendships and gained new ones and I love it! I spent my 40th in Beautiful Jamaica and it was amazing I will definitely Go again this time with less people lol. So much to see and I’m going to see it .

I’m no longer and introvert, I now go out and have a great time we only have 1 life to live. I stayed home all these years I never really experienced life in my teens, twenties and thirties. I always stayed home and just was there. Always had ab excuse to why I could go out knowing I was just home. I realized that I wasn’t living. I was married with 2 beautiful kids and broken. Funny how people only see what they want to see but now I’m so glad people eyes are wide and now see what I’ve been seeing and going through all these years .

A couple things I can say about my mom she was right on some things . I get it and understand mom . We will get on that topic another time. But being 40 is the best in my eyes because I love me! I didn’t always love myself like I should have but now I do and because I started to choose me and love me and I see people not ok with that and honestly I don’t give 2 fucks on how they feel about it!

I’m finally feeling myself again, happy Shannon, fun Shannon, loving Shannon , and it feels so good to be in that place and I thank God for always being there by my side and guiding me in the paths I need to be in. There are some big things coming soon and I hope y’all are ready to experience that with me and go for this ride ! To all of my friends, family and people I meet along the way I want to thank you ! Look out for the next blog post !


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