Acccountability-the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

Do we all take accountability when needed? Not everyone wants to take that “L” if you get my drift. It’s a big chip to swallow when you do wrong and have to own up to it. Some people feel that they are justifiable in the reasoning but there are levels to that. When you purposly go out to harm someone or intentionaly do things knowing that the outcome will be hurtful you are accountable for that action PERIOD! There isn’t any justification on that at all.

Anything that has happened in my life that I was the cause of things I have taken accountability for , there has never been a time where I didnt hold my self to that level. It’s what the other party is willing to accept on that. I have no control on them but I have control overe me. My question to you all is, “Do you have control over you?”


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