What is Obligation?


  1. an act or course of action to which a person is morally or legally bound; a duty or commitment.

My question is, is it or was it worth it? Could you have not did the obligation? Would you still be happy?

I say this because this is a very common situation, you gave him an out yet he still felt obligated (years later you realized) to marry you!!! So who fault is that??? Were you not good enough to be his wife ? Now let’s get into it!!!

You are an amazing wife ! But an amazing wife to the right deserving person!! You gave your all to him, you were supposed to be a team 💯 but if you treat me as different I retract! He didn’t take you out, yall didnt go on beacations, yet he took his side chic on multiple international and weekend trips and dates so what we doing???! If he felt obligated to marry you,he should have just stopped, if marriage was not in his future.

Loving a man who clearly didn’t love you is a hard pill to swallow because you at one time you loved them. I’m 💯 positive that this more common than we think. I’m very sure there are women who are still in that same situation and can’t get out or to scared to get out!

But was it worth it though? Was that obligation worth all that pain and suffering? Should you have just said no and moved on with your life? Sometimes we dont realize our worth. We sit back and wonder how and why things went the way they did but forget to sit back and figure out how to move on. Sometimes doing an obligation wasnt worth it in the end!! Because ask yourself are you even happy??

6 thoughts on “Obligation!!!

    1. No one should have the power to determine our worth or value. We can not define ourselves based on someone’s else’s perception of who we are or should be. Stand, live and love in YOUR truth, value and worth!

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  1. Very well said!
    I’ve learned that it’s never worth it to compromise self worth, or the desires of our heart in order to be in a relationship. Relationships should fall in alignment with our God given path, and we shouldn’t force something that simply doesn’t fit!

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  2. We must never give others the power to determine our value or worth based on their perceptions of who we are and what we should be. We alone have that control and power and must stand, live and love in our truth as to our worth and value.

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