Good evening everyone! It has been a long time since I have been on my blog. I had given up on myself and my vision of the reason behind this blog. This marks 6 years since my mom transitioned to a better place and it took me this time around the sun to truly see myself through my eyes. In reflecting on the anger that felt with the back ground of her death, it took me to another level of life. Family that was part if the problem I hated , I stopped socializing myself with them because of the anger I felt but I know now I must forgive and move on . My mother made her own choices in what and how she decided to live her life. I will just let the positive lead me on to the future.

I choose me now ! My self love is what I need to get through this time in my life. Me loving myself is allowing me to express the true me and that is Shannon. I dont care about how people feel I only care about me and mine. With that being said this blog is about to change in a new light. This blog is going to continue to talk about life we go through within my eyes but also on a different level. Im going to talk about all topics of life we all go through. There will be questions and answers along with advice, a open mind is a great mind.

This blog is not for the weak its for the strong learning and listening mind! Self understanding and awareness!

Lets Go!!


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