During this time in the world depression and anxiety is very high, more importantly anxiety. I on the other hand is suffering big time with anxiety and its very intense that it is now affecting my body with gastrointestinal issues. Gas bubbles in my throat and chest and back, burping makes me feel better. I was scared at first because I had know clue what was wrong with me. I had to figure out what was going on until I realize that it was my anxiety that was triggering all of these things.

We all worry that is normal in the times we are facing, however me being a believer in God keeps me grounded my mentally in my chemical makeup of my body I still get anxiety even though im a big believer in faith and leaving it to God. The reality is, we have to fight with ourselves to get our minds to relax from taking over our bodies. Which is why you ever hear people say”stress can kill”? Well its very true , it can kill and it will if we don’t get control over our minds.

There is nothing wrong with taking medication for depression or anxiety , honestly I encourage people to take them. There is nothing wrong with it, it’s made to help our bodies regulate and get ourselves feeling well. It took a very longtime a very very long time to come out with what I have been dealing with day after day after day. Its so very hard to over come this but I am strong. I encourage everyone to please take this time we have during this time at home to reflect and work on what is needed to get you through life.


2 thoughts on “Anxiety

  1. You’re a Smart Strong Woman! Remain in Prayer!!🙏🏽God will get you through! In Jesus name, Amen! Black Girls ROCK ❤️💖💞😍😘


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