Hey everyone, long time but here we go. Life has It’s ups and downs and sometimes people can deal on their own and sometimes they need support! Emotional support is needed to help people who need that someone or something to get them by. Emotional support only helps when the person who is giving the support is honestly and sincerely willing to help you get through.

Emotional support does not mean to hold your hand or walk your walk it’s having someone just being that hug, love , talk, just being that support. Its not meant for them or it to bring you down lower than you felt from the beginning. It’s not a pity party.Thats what I call emotional fail!! A failure because a person who is suppose to be your support isn’t suppose to bring you down when you’re already down. They’re not suppose to cut off your hope .

When people have never experienced what you have been through they can’t understand how to help you. That is fine but if they are willing to listen and understand you they can be that support you need. But why is it so hard to find that? Well I know why! People these days ain’t SHIT they think about themselves. All they care about is how they feel and what they want but never concerned about the person in need. Or they brush off what the person is going through and make it seem like its not that serious. Call them crazy some people even call people in need selfish that they even feel the way they do. How fucked up is that? Emotional fail!!

This post is just a tip of the topics I’m about to talk to y’all about! I’m gonna help you all understand what it’s like to go through something alone and LIVE .


5 thoughts on “Emotional support fail!

  1. Very well said cousin. Some people may think there’s a time frame on how long your supposed to need their support. Like my mom used to tell me, when you tell a person somethings bothering you and they try to help then maybe they’ll be worth being in ya life but the others that don’t try cut them off. It took her passing for me to understand what she meant. I love ya 😘


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