Blind is to ignore the importance of the truth. People only see what they want to see, not what they need to see. You don’t have to know my life to understand my life. My life isn’t some fairytale, some wonderful dream. My grandparents raised me to be the best that I can be even with them being blind to the realities that they just didn’t know about me. Thinking they knew all this time , yet they did not! There are so many layers to me, at times i don’t even know myself. I surprise myself everyday.

Looking back at all the things that made me who i am, its crazy how people actually go through things like this. It’s funny how people over come these things and move on. My past does hunt me everyday but i refuse to take over my future. Yet there are things that are harder to leave behind, but that is what therapy is for.

There is nothing wrong with seeking the help needed to get understanding and appreciation of life . We can’t handle these things alone even if we think we could. There were times when i felt my life wasn’t worth living. I thought God made a mistake bringing me into this world. Why would He let me have this life? But then i realized that this was to make me stronger. To overcome this shitty world i was brought into . And I did that i overcame.


2 thoughts on “Blind

  1. Well said! This thing called life is HARD I had those same thoughts ( have) but therapy is vital for human growth. Thanks for sharing 🥰


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