Good evening people, it has been a while since my last post and of course there are some things that needs some attention. I’m 36 years old and just finding out that i indeed have a biological brother and a father that i never met! Thats a lot to handle but answers so many questions to the issues that i dealt with over my childhood. It’s definitely a lot to take in but it puts a lot of things in a different light.

I have aunts and a uncle that i never met and cousins that i have never met. But thank God for social media because we have communicated there. It’s so weird seeing people who you favor its very scary, but i love it. I see one of my cousins and she is beautiful and we favor a lot its crazy. I have a whole other side that i have and even though i lost 36 years its never too late to love and take in.

My brother ( wow i have a brother) he is such a handsome man, well hey our dad was def a good looking man, I see my mom def had a type lolol. Hey shit she liked good looking men. Getting back to my brother, this is a relationship that needs time and patience. I say this because we are siblings that did not grow up together. We have to learn each other moods and ways without offending each other. Being that we are born in the same month we have a lot to learn. He is my eldest however we are both libras so yall know how that is.

Im excited to take on this journey and move forward with my family!

Stay tuned for more.


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