Hello all as the year comes to an end lets reflect on how the year turned out for us. This year has been hell in some part but blessings on the other end. It has been a rough year mentally and emotionally . Trying to figure out how to balance myself and what I need to do with everything else in life.  This year has been a learning year, learning all the things my grandparents have taught me and using them to move on in life. What are some reflections you have regarding last year that you would love to use in the new year?


2 thoughts on “2018

  1. It was definitely a challenging year for me, too. Work was HARD, but we made a lot of progress in the right direction. I lost my mom. But like you, there was so much good that came along, too, it’s hard not to be grateful for all those blessings.
    For 2019, I’m focusing on changes that will bring more balance and sustainability to my life. I’m pretty optimistic about the new year. ✌❤

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  2. Turning 40 was a big deal for me. So many things to reflect on but I decided to let go of anything from the past and focus on the future. Since doing that so many things have entered my life in many different forms and I’m just embracing it all and not trying to dictate anything. The pieces will fall where they may! I’m looking forward to an amazing 2019!


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