Good evening people, so it’s been a while . Reason for the title for today’s blog. These past five months have def taken a toll on me. My mind and my well being. I have taken on things that I prob should have thought more about , things that I didn’t think were going to be all on me and things that I knew where going to be on me. All to say that the stress of it all has def taken a toll on my health and my mindset. And with all this i have not really given myself time to really sit back and realize that my grandma is gone and is never coming back .Alopecia has come again and my body has shut down. The last time I have been this sick was when i had the flu years ago. I’m at my end, I’m beginning to be resentful and that’s not good. Stress is a killer and we have to learn how to deal with things to not let stress take us over. Sometimes people don’t care to or just really don’t understand what actions go into becoming stressed. I wrote this post to share that nothing that brings us harm to our mind, body and soul is worth it . We must be able to just pray on it and let God lead us and take that worry away.

5 thoughts on “Stress

  1. Hey Shannon ❤
    Sometimes I wonder why life is filled with so much adversity, pain, and stress. I guess it builds character, or maybe pain is the most effective route to growth. Maybe, we shouldn’t even bother asking why as it’s unavoidable and certain.

    When I lost my grandfather years ago, it left a big void in my life. He was the only family member that treated me decently, though he was very introverted. He had Alzheimer’s that progresses quickly, and it seemed one moment he was here and then all of a sudden no more. It took years for my conscious self to really digest that he had passed away. So, I understand. In my belief, your grandma still lives though without flesh. Death is not an ending, it is a freedom from the limitations of physical form and transcendence into ones true spiritual being. Ones soul is not confined to space and time, and as it is, she is more with you now than was possible in life. That’s my spiritual and conscious understanding.

    I hope you get well soon. I have PCOS and PMDD. They both suck, and make it very hard to feel normal and sometimes BE normal, and overall attractive. But you’re beautiful, inside and out. You’re strong and even through hard times, blessed. For whatever his purpose, God put certain challenges in our life to direct our path to what he destined us to become. It is not by accident or misfortune, but a compass. Lessons…life about learning, and our mistakes are the best teacher. ❤

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      1. Time. And talk to her. Share your energy with her. Visualize her. You’ll be suprised at how much feedback you get, and the comfort she will still be able to give.

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  2. Shannon,
    I’ve been thinking of you, babe. I’m so sorry that you’re suffering. While it’s part of the nature of things, the ups and downs, I’m impressed by how you put it into words. Stress wreaks havoc on our bodies, but having awareness will help you through it. Finding that space and that softness in your heart to give yourself time, rest, self-love is paramount. And realizing that you’re taking on too much – that’s all part of the process. Sometimes it’s hard to say no, to take a moment for ourselves when we have too much to do. But that’s when we need it the most. To listen to ourselves, to our bodies, to the energy around us (Grandma, Cassie, God) – you need to slow down to listen. And don’t be shy to call your loved ones when you need a shoulder.
    Things get better. There is sunshine around the corner.
    Sending love, Amy

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