Some of us knows what it feels like to keep holding on to things that happen in life. We must learn to let go of some of those things. It’s a learning process and a very big one at that. Over the last weekend I was with family as we layed to rest one of our family members. As I was there I saw a person that I know longer communicate with. This person at one time was very close and also was my sons Godmother. Life happens and we are no longer on any level period. However on that day I said hello and offered a hug , only because I was over everything and why should I be bitter over something that had nothing to do with me but of what someone’s guilt brought them. Someone who has problems with everyone, you would began to think that that person should now look at herself considering she is always at odds with people. We are not perfect, I’m not perfect and my only fault in this situation was allowing her to be involved in my life period. Why should I have to force someone to be involved?  At the end of the day we have to learn to let things go. Funny saying this person was so nasty during that sad time yet calls herself a “Christian” . But I didn’t let that stop me from speaking and forcing a hug 😂😂 maybe that was a bit to much but I’m a softy .  The reason behind this post is to tell everyone that we must let go of things that no longer bring value in our lives.  We must let go of people who are selfish and not willing to work towards things. In the end you block your blessings. 

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