Growing up I was an only child, no siblings on neither side. Just me myself and I lol. My grandparents had me on lock down something serious. So bad that I could barely hang out with my own cousins. It was so bad. It was school, church, dinner and bed. It didn’t help that I went to private school. Everything was uniformed conditioned and just right according to my grandmother . She didn’t want me to do nothing and now I understand why but what she doesn’t understand now is how that affects me today! You would think that when I became an adult i would become a wild woman.  All over the place, well it was the complete opposite. I’m a homebody as they call it. I rather relax and be home than be out because that is all I know. I have friends but I don’t have many and majority of my friends are from church. Let’s talk about why that is. Well growing up in catholic school we moved on to the next grade with the class you started with until you graduate. Now most of them I’m still friends with and cool. However when it was time for high school the time where you really start knowing yourself it’s different . Well first off I went to an all girl high school 👀. Let’s take that in lol the first year was cool I was able to meet some really cool people, but these people already had their friends because they had all went to the same elementary and middle school together so relationships where already in place so I was the outcast ( which is how I felt) I had friends in class some really cool ones but I still felt empty. Not because of them but because of my upbringing I didn’t know what to do. 10th grade was the year I started caring how I looked and they way my skirt was folded above my knees lol. Things started to look up for me. I thought I was gonna have lifetime friends start going out to the movies and just being a teenager but low and behold my school decided that my 10 grade year was the last year for the entire school and shut it down. Shit just got real. While I’m thinking I’m gonna go to the school my friends were going too , my grandma and uncle decided different and enrolled me into public school😔.There I go scared as hell because I never been to public school ever. I barely fit in where I was now I have to fit in here! Now all those friendships that were blooming now decided slowly die cause now I’m know longer in the crowd. Public school wasn’t so bad but like before everyone already had their friends and I was just the “who’s that girl”?  Basically didn’t really have the teen life i was dreaming about. Which is the whole purpose of this post. Are you protective parents? Do you let your children live and gain friends and learn themselves? let them be social? Please let them have a life they dreamed about. Don’t let them become the homebody and empty spirited. Of course rules are important but living is as well. 

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